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When words hurt and when they shouldn’t…

A word’s meaning can vary from person to person. Remember this every time you open your mouth.

This is what our society has come to: the responsibility to police the words that exit your mouth. You can’t say those words, but these are ok. I’m getting so tired of the overly political correctness that has become our society. But why are we so concerned with hurting the feelings of others? What about my feelings? What if I wanted to say whatever word in the context it was put in because it was a way to vent, express a frustration audibly rather than breaking something or hurting myself in the process of venting said frustration physically? I know some people have anger issues and having different ways of venting. Some punch walls. Some scream and yell. Some throw things. Ideally some go to the gym. Or meditate even. But I, like I’m sure many other, in times of frustration spout off at the mouth. I’m usually a nice person, so please try to put in perspective the extreme of me getting pissed off.

But when I get mad I can say some mean shit. It’s one of those moments when the brain mouth filter completely vanishes. But even in moments of frustration can come humor. So enters sarcasm. Please know what the meaning of sarcasm means and understand that it’s a method of venting. It is NOT to be taken personally. If you don’t like it, it’s ok. Know that somewhere out there someone does and it’s meant for them, not you. I respect the opinions of others, even though I may not agree. I may state my differences, but that is part of debate and debate is educational. There should be nothing wrong with expressing oneself. It’s a right, isn’t it? Seriously, though, there is always going to be someone that gets offended. You can’t please everyone all the time. It’s just impossible. There’ll always be critics.

However, I want the ability to use certain words without people getting all twisted. One of these words is “retard”. I would like the ability to call ignorant, inept, morons “retards”. In this context, the word cannot be perceived as being derogatory in any way. I believe that people with developmental disabilities are not actually “retarded” anyway. So I already disagree with the perceived definition. When I call someone “retarded”, it’s because they’ve presented themselves in a most ridiculous way, absent of sane mind. Example: friend wants to put fireworks in bonfire = retarded. I don’t think I’m asking too much here.

Another issue I have is how they want to edit Mark Twain’s work to omit certain words. You know what? That’s bullshit! That’s the way he wrote it, that’s the way it stays. It’s is part of history, our heritage, our language. That book needs to be read the way it was printed. Or is someone going to put clothes on all the nude Greek statues in all the museums or paint clothes on all the nude artwork? It would be utter destruction of the artistic masterpiece! Why are people so sensitive after all this time? Can our and future generations move past these old words and look towards becoming less uptight and overly sensitive? I thought we had evolved past such bigotry where we would have to censor our language so…

What I want to really point out is how we have become a country that is obsessed with equality in such a way, that we have become even more prejudiced. We have prejudiced words in such a way that we can’t even use them to be funny? We are censoring our language and ourselves in a way that’s not healthy.

Why can’t I call someone who is acting in such an overtly rude and obnoxious way a “fag”? I’m not saying it to offend any homosexual. I’m saying it, again, as a way to vent a frustration over the behavior of someone. Shouldn’t part of making people feel equal be to take power away from the words that were used against them? Not take the words away all together?

Please don’t twist my intentions here into thinking that I condone the use of these or other words in any kind of derogatory manner. I mean the opposite. My intention here is just to illustrate how anal we have become about how we think and then how we communicate how we think. I think some of this is detrimental to society. We are too sensitive and have put too much restriction on how we can communicate. Besides think of how happy the comedians will be to not have their words twisted on them all the time?