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I decided to rant a little…

I love this country. But, I must ask: can we go back to pre-epic-bombardment-of-celebrity times? I’d like to go back to a time where privacy was respected. Back to a time where Hollywood was seen as glamorous and artistic from a distance, it’s celebrities’ privacy respected. It’s actually become disgusting how overwhelmed we are by all things celebrity. The media seems to focus on celebrities as news makers, rather than actual important news stories. It’s an unfortunate development of how society has evolved. It’s sad to see the youth now aspire to be famous, rather than focus on something like going to college to be a teacher, scientist, or engineer. Any wonder why this country, that’s touts itself as so great, has such a low ranking regarding education when compared to others. This nation looks more and more like a nation that promotes being rich and famous over being middle class, educated, and striving to make a difference.

Can we NOT focus on these celebrities and give them more attention than they deserve? I can appreciate a good artist and good entertainment, but some of these celebrities have done nothing to deserve their notoriety. The ridiculousness of these “reality” shows is incomprehendible. The paparazzi should become real photographers and not stalkers. I actually feel bad for some celebrities for the way they are treated. The focus should be on their art or contributions to society, not them and the intimate details of their personal lives, then that of their family’s. Let our society focus on improving education and providing it to everyone, developing innovators and inventors, encouraging scientific discoveries. Let the media focus on reporting actual news stories like the acts of the governement, laws that are enacted, climate change, heroes, generally fixing problems, poverty, world events, civil wars, the list can go on. We need to work on evolving our society and country into one that deserves to be called “Great” again.

Failing Up.

I was reading this article and it had quite a few interesting points. However, I had reached a point that made me disagree with the writer.

Before famous people reached a point where they could be accused of accruing unearned plaudits, most of them did something to become famous. After all, publicity isn’t just a random platform on which people might see you doing a mediocre job. It’s also an indicator that you did something right and achieved something scarce, which is public attention.

Sure there are the points to be made that celebrities, who may now be mediocre, had done something of note to make them famous. But I think that’s how it should be stated, “something of note.” There are celebrities who have done nothing right nor achieved something scarce.

Please then explain the celebrity statuses of those like Paris Hilton or the cast of Jersey
Shore. WTF!! How did Kim Kardashian become a celebrity? Not by doing anything right or achieving something scarce! How is it that teenage moms have attained any celebrity? Only by getting a television show. And there are more than those examples.

I, by no means, am trying to attack the writer at all. I simply saw a statement that made me think of the celebrities we now have and the thought of “failing up” as an unfortunate truth. People have attained celebrity status by doing nothing right or achieving something scarce, though. They have attained their status by hanging out with other celebrities, or just being airheads with supertans. Or they’ve just been mediocre their whole career, continue to do so, and yet somehow people pay attention to them and continue to do so. I don’t understand. Can someone explain why? There are even those who gained attention by doing something wrong. What’s with that?

Some people should have no celebrity status. This is a reward for people who don’t deserve any reward. Reward, in any profession, should be based on performance. Why reward someone who is mediocre? Doing so will only encourage them to continue being mediocre. It doesn’t make sense. Don’t you see what I’m saying?